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Janet Krem, owner/operator, now lives near San Miguel de Allende after 22 years of running farms in rural New Zealand, where cats and dogs were an everyday part of family life - along with horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, turkeys and rabbits.  Janet has a lifelong love of animals and years of experience looking after them.



"I've never met a dog that doesn't love Janet!  Tara, my golden retriever, adores her and jumps out of the car to greet her when we arrive at Creature Comforts. And I'm happy too because I know that Janet understands animals and can always tell if there's something wrong. She's got the knowledge to deal with minor problems and she knows when a vet is needed. I've got total peace of mind when Tara is staying with Janet."

- Pip Terrington



"Janet Krem has long been known around San Miguel as a lover of animals and a Board Member and hard worker at the SPA.  Now Janet has opened a boarding kennel for dogs at her country home, and she has plans to open a facility for felines soon.  Her property consists of about 42 acres, with lots of room for dogs to enjoy themselves.  The kennel building is well built, and provides a very comfortable and safe environment for the dogs.  Janet makes sure the dogs get plenty of exercise, good food and lots of love.  My own dog, Frida, a rescue dog, has been with Janet while we find her a good home.  Frida has thrived with Janet, and has increased health, muscle and stamina since being at Janet’s facility.



As a dog lover with two dogs currently in my home, I enthusiastically recommend Janet Krem’'s kennel for any dog that needs temporary living quarters while owners’ are away, or while a new home is being found for rescued animals.  When Janet's cattery is finished, I will be grateful to have a loving and reliable place to leave my three cats when we go on vacation.   Janet relieves me of the worry I have felt in the past when our animals had to be left when my husband and I were away from San Miguel, or when we found some sad animal in need of rescue but had no more room in our home for another critter."

- Carol Lundmark-Hendricks



For our dog, Macarena, her time at Creature Comforts is a treat of the highest order. As soon as she sees Janet (or her car) she is beside herself with joy! She wiggles like crazy and jumps in and out of the car in excitement several times before she can settle down. And she returns happily tired. This has allowed us to leave her with zero guilt. (In fact, we think that Macarena would actually prefer to live with Janet!) And another plus, is that Janet emails us to let us know how our sweetie is doing, which we  have really appreciated. We couldn´t recommend Janet too highly. If you want to leave your pet with someone who really loves these “people of fur”,  then Creature Comforts is the way to go!



Janet practically turned herself inside out making sure our pooch stayed happy and healthy during his ten day vacation at Creature Comforts. He’s a tricky fellow bent on broadening his own horizons by manifesting as many running explorations as he can. Rather than let him be frustrated, Janet let him accompany her on several runs every day. Her attention to his needs as well as those of all the other dogs under her stewardship allowed us to come to trust her instincts with dog care in short order. She obviously loves each and every dog at her place as the individuals they are. She is savvy in her knowledge of canine behavior and goes to great lengths to assure their nervous stewards as the dog’s stay progresses and they settle in to their vacation routine. She emailed updates and kept us in the know as our dog learned how to have fun with his time there. When she dropped him off he was fit, happy and slept for two days after all his happy adventures at Creature Comforts!



I am so thankful to have a place like Janet's to send my dog Canela to when I travel.  Janet has a huge, beautiful space for the dogs to run and play.  She takes superb care to follow diet and medical instructions and has the dogs on regular schedules for daily runs.  My dog is very high energy and Janet has grouped her with other dogs of similar personalities.  When Canela goes to Janet's she gets tons of exercise with her regular buddies.  Janet always sends an email while I'm away to let me know how Canela is doing and charges very fair rates for the services she offers.  Janet is clearly an animal lover who has a calm and assertive presence with the dogs; I'm always very confident and comfortable to leave my dog with her for a few days or a few weeks.  I always recommend Janet to friends who are looking for animal boarding!



My dogs stayed with Janet. They went on walks for 3 hours a day and “almost” didn’t want to come home with us. They love “Auntie Janet.” I feed them raw, so she had to do a lot of extra work for me and she did it with a smile and didn’t charge extra. She also picks up and delivers. Best deal in San Miguel.  



Leaving your pups with Janet is liking giving them a vacation at summer camp.  The dogs adore this place.  And who wouldn't?  They get to run all day long, including two walks through 40 acres of countryside, unleashed, with Janet.  Then they sleep in their own adobe huts with access to the runs at all times.  There are loads of dogs so they play all day and come home pooped.  Pity the poor dogs who go to a standard kennel. This is all fun for Janet's dogs, all the time.  Our two have a ball so we never have to worry about them while we're gone. Plus, Janet sends us wonderful emails and updates so we know what they're doing, whom they're playing with and how much fun they're having.  A good life for a dog!



Thank you so much for providing such excellent care for Dulce and Canelo during our absence from San Miguel.  I cannot tell you how delighted we were when we arrived at your facility to see the exquisite accommodations you offer.  I could not believe how our two dogs immediately began playing with your pets, running about the property as though they belonged there and settling right into their temporary "home."  My only concern was that they would not want to leave when we came to pick them up.  I have had pets all my live and have utilized kennels in several locations; never have I seen any facility that comes close to yours.  Keep up the good work.



Janet has been taking care of our pet at Creature Comforts for the last 2 years.

This is truly our dog's Home Away From Home.

She gets so loved up and cared for that she almost doesn't want to come back.

Even when she is ill Janet will make sure that she gets all her pills.

Twice a day all the dogs are taken out into the countryside for a beautiful walk.

Janet will group them together based on temperament and exercise level.

Imagine having a private nurse and personal trainer for your mascota!



We have been sending our dog to Janet for a couple of years now and I can honestly say that he has more fun there than at home! I have never met a more animal-caring person than Janet and I 100% trust that my dog is safe and happy when he's in her care. 10 out of 10 all round! Thanks Janet.



What a wonderful facility!  And great care!  My dogs come back happy and invigorated!  I can't speak highly enough for the service Janet offers!



We have used Janet several times to care for our Golden Retriever and Two Cats. Her facilities with her rolling acres of land are top notch. Janets love for animals really shows.  I really think our animals think they are at summer camp when they are with her and look forward to the experience.



I moved to San Miguel with my Belgian Malinois 3 years ago. It took me year in my previous home to find people I trusted to take care of her. I'd say I'm extremely cautious when it comes to Mika.  My dog is social and well-behaved but those that don't understand dogs or think they are all alike might be surprised, frustrated or not know what to do with a Malinois. Janet is just amazing.



My husband had never left his Labrador, Poeta with anyone else. And now, he also trusts no one but Janet. Janet is a god-send. I can leave without one worry. She is attentive, careful, realistic, loving and tender. We traveled to India for two months and left both our dogs with her. Not once did we worry and Janet sends regular updates on our girls making us feel even more secure. She even allows us to continue to feed them their homemade diet while we are away! Our dogs get more exercise and time for exploring at Janet's than at home. Now when we plan a trip we consider placing them with Janet as a vacation for them as well. At first, Poeta would look longingly as we drove away but now when Janet opens the gate, Poeta runs into her arms and doesn't look back. Janet allows us freedom to travel and freedom from worry. I cannot thank her and the universe for putting her in our lives.



Shortly after moving to SMA in 2014, I had to ask Janet to rescue my two dogs from a petsitter, who had good references, but could not handle my large young dog!

While I was out of the country, Janet arranged to come get my dogs, and made them at home until my return!

The old one got a lovely camp like vacation.

And the young one got a ton of exercise and good long play dates!

They loved their time there in the campo, and she took the time to bond with them,

which means the world to me!

I am so glad to have found Janet and her lovely facility!



I have borded my dog and cats at Janet's. They were very very happy there and came home happy! She takes great care of both cats and dogs!!!



I love to visit  Creature Comforts, and play with Jake, Maggie. I  meet new friends and have lots of fun. We're always running, jumping, barking & eating. Often times we allow Janet to join in so she doesn't  feel left out. I love sleep overs in La Palma!



Both my cats and my dog have stayed with janet and i always know they are safe and well-taken care of.  janet has a way with the the pied piper! my dog is always so happy to see her, because of her warm personality and the long walks she takes with the dogs twice a day.



Every time Janet comes to the house to pick up my little dogs, they jump and wiggle and run to her in happiness.  I know that she takes good care of them and that they are happy with her.  They get long walks daily and really come back energized and healthy.  I recommend her care to anyone who needs to leave their beloved pets when taking a trip. Trust me - she's muy bueno!



There's no place Roman, our big, bumbling Weimeraner/Dane, would rather be than at Janet's exquisite dog-playland!  He's been there for many short stays as well as for an entire summer.  He's never ready to leave.   As for Janet, she misses no details.  A+ customer service for dogs and people alike.  On longer stays, we even get a regular email update of what our pup has been up to and how he's doing, who his buddies are and more.  And when even a minor emergency comes up (last minute travel plan changes, dog needing medical attention…), Janet doesn't skip a beat.  It's a dog's life and then some.  Unbelievable!  I think I may book myself a room and get pampered at Janet's.



When Janet arrives at our house to collect the dogs, they go bonkers, jumping with joy! As soon as we open the front door they run & leap into the back of her car! We get regular updates while we're away & they love the daily runs with Janet & the care she takes of them, so much so that they never actually want to come home!



Our miniature dachshund, Buddy, absolutely LOVES the time he has spent at Creature Comforts.  Janet Krem is a true “dog whisperer,” highly adept at observing and assessing each dog’s temperament, idiosyncrasies and needs.  She has an uncanny ability to know which canine guests will get along with which others.  The dogs receive plenty of exercise, socialization and TLC in a stunningly beautiful natural setting.  Our 11-year-old son calls Creature Comforts “a five star hotel for dogs.”  The only down side is that Buddy always wants to stay with Janet when we go to pick him!



We're thrilled with Creature Comforts Boarding.  Our dog,

Pete, is our fifth child so it's important that we know he's

in a safe environment when we travel.  Janet always

treats Pete like he's a rock star when he visits.  He's

well-fed, gets a lot of exercise, loves playing with the

other dogs and always comes home to us in good

spirits and in great shape.  



Janet's always been very responsive to emails and phone calls

and whenever we see her, she's got a great big smile on her face.  It's

clear she loves what she does!