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I am often asked if I board small dogs. The answer is, of course, absolutely yes - they love to run and play as much as any other dog. Owners seem to have two specific concerns:


Warmth in the winter


Small dogs do tend to lose body heat more quickly than their larger counterparts, and they are more likely to be used to sleeping on their owner's bed. Every family of dogs has its own indoor area where there are soft, warm dog beds and blankets. In addition, for the small dogs I put a large crate(s) in this area with layers of blankets inside (small dogs often like to nest) and a large, heavy-duty blanket over the top. Most owners provide dog coats in the winter, too, which I put on before it gets cold so that no body heat is lost. I can honestly say I have never found a cold dog in the morning.


Running free


Little dogs love this! I have a few acres that are completely dog-proof, and I keep the littlies in this area. However, if you specifically want your dog walked on a leash then I am happy to do that, just as I am for large dogs.