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In order to ensure the health of other boarders, your pet's vaccinations must be current.   The subject of booster shots can be quite controversial with opinions ranging between the need for annual vaccinations to none at all after the initial ones as puppies and kittens.  For those of you who checked this website when I first started, you'll probably know that I opted for the middle-of-the-road opinion that booster shots every 3 years is sufficient.  However, after discussing this with my veterinarian, I have reverted to the need for annual vaccinations as here in Mexico it's just too risky any other way.  


Kennel cough (Bordetella) is not automatically included in these shots so please ensure you ask for this additional vaccination.  The name kennel cough is a bit of a misnomer as it leads one to think that dogs only need this if going to a kennel. This isn't so - in fact it seems to go around San Miguel a couple of times a year with even the most pampered pooch catching it, so this is a good thing to have regardless of boarding. Dogs who have come from north of the border within a year will automatically be up-to-date.  Rabies shots are mandatory on an annual basis here in Mexico (though I believe it's every three years in the States).


I would like your pet be wormed and de-flead within two weeks of arrival.  Long-term boarders will be treated as necessary. I know your dog/cat doesn't have fleas and I want to ensure it goes  home in the same condition!



Annual general vaccinations; vaccination against kennel cough; current rabies shot; dewormed; Frontlined (or equivalent).