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Cats are much more difficult to deal with than the average dog as they seem to have a far more complex range of emotions, but every effort is made to help your cat adjust. They generally hate being put into a crate and transported and so need time to get used to their new surroundings and then plenty of TLC - which they get. Some cats need lots of attention, cuddles, grooming etc while others prefer being left alone, so I treat each cat as an individual and try to cater to its individual needs.


The cattery consists of two furnished rooms, both leading to a fully-fenced, secure, outside area via cat doors. Cats not used to these soon get the hang of it and love the freedom to chose.


Cost: 100 pesos per day, plus owner provides food.


Requirements: please ensure that your cat's vaccinations

are current, and worm and de-flea within a couple of weeks of arriving at the cattery.